Floor map

Paseo floor map

List of paseo WEST [B1F] shops

No. Shop name Category Phone number
1ATMService [ATM corner]
2KAIUNKAN E&ECulture & entertainment [fortune-telling]011-213-5775
3YOMENYA GOEMONDining & cafe [spaghetti]011-213-5754
4Kajukobo KarinDining & cafe [juice bar]011-213-5661
5SPAIN BAR DINING TORTILLA FLATDining & cafe [Spanish bar]011-213-5515
6TONKATSU WAKODining & cafe [pork cutlet]011-213-5565
7Provence (Provence)Dining & cafe [continental cuisine]011-213-5013
8gyutan RIKYUDining & cafe [beef tongue]011-200-3223
9KINEYADining & cafe [udon]011-213-5856
10Soba & Sake YAKUMODining & cafe [side, grilled skewer]011-213-5732
11Machinosushiya shiki hanamaruDining & cafe [sushi]011-213-5870
12Thai'sDining & cafe [Thai dishes]011-213-5667
13GINZA LIONDining & cafe [beer hall]011-213-5751
14Italian Bar Café MilanoDining & cafe [cafe bar]011-213-5663
15sainteroseDining & cafe [cafe]011-213-5500
16milk & parfait YOTSUBA White CosyDining & cafe [cafe]011-213-5261
17ramen & chinese foods EZOKKODining & cafe [ramen, Chinese food]011-213-5858
18JINBEIDining & cafe [the North Sea dishes]011-213-5555
19MEXICAN DISH sombrero MEXICANODining & cafe [Mexican food]011-213-5728
20Chapeau RougeDining & cafe [western dishes]011-213-5467
21KAYU-SAN-CHINDining & cafe [rice porridge, noodles]011-213-5640
22TOKYO SUNDUBDining & cafe [sundubu]011-213-5630

List of paseo CENTER [B1F] shops

No. Shop name Category Phone number
1Ka/sharkFashion [Lady's men, miscellaneous goods]011-213-5407
2ABC Cooking StudioCulture & entertainment [cooking class]011-213-5410
3YOKOI COFFEEDining & cafe [meal product sales, cafe]011-213-5419
4JR TOWER SQUARE CARD service counterService [other services]011-213-5456
6kurimarebaidihorikkuHealth & beauty [cosmetics]011-213-5478
7KIMONO HANAFashion [in Japanese dress]011-213-5087
8nico and …Fashion [Lady's men, miscellaneous goods]011-213-5425
9nana's green teaDining & cafe [cafe]011-213-5459
10au SAPPOROService [cell-phone]0800-300-0093
11Flower flowerDining & cafe [cafe & gift]011-213-5431
12STRAWBERRY-FIELDSFashion [Lady's]011-213-5161
13Pastel MaamFashion [Lady's]011-213-5782
14villageFashion [Lady's, fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5873
15PROPOSEFashion [jewelry]011-213-5577
16MU-RA nattierFashion [accessories, clock, life miscellaneous goods]011-213-5418
17cassettoCulture & entertainment [smartphone case store]011-213-5443
19firstFashion [clock]011-213-5166
20recolteFashion [shoes]011-213-5023
21Brown books and vintageLife & interior [miscellaneous goods]011-213-5442
22SUPER HAKKAFashion [Lady's]011-213-5117
23JINSHealth & beauty [glasses sunglasses]011-213-5488
24RNA-N Resource ComplexFashion [Lady's]011-213-5423
25POU DOU DOUFashion [Lady's]011-213-5382
26SurFashion [Lady's, miscellaneous goods]011-213-5429
27SchoffelFashion [Lady's & men & kids]011-213-5405
29LeeFashion [Lady's & men & kids, fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5447
30REGAL SHOESFashion [shoes]011-213-5416
31Columbia SportswearFashion [Lady's men]011-213-5552
32Pal'las PalaceFashion [Lady's]011-213-5355
33BIRKENSTOCKFashion [shoes]011-213-5426
34The thing Japanese alphabet that we lay, and brown rice and Japan are goodFood [other (food)]011-213-5448
35yu-nakagawaLife & interior [Japanese arts & crafts]011-213-5458
36Make let LyonFashion [Lady's]011-213-5651
37Lois CRAYONFashion [Lady's]011-213-5710
38LAZY SUSANFashion [fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5135
39Cinderella StoryService [bridal information]011-213-5353
40FrancfrancLife & interior [life miscellaneous goods]011-261-5480
41MelvitaHealth & beauty [cosmetic & drug]011-213-5528
42Rabbit shopFood [Japanese green tea]011-213-5406
43RaffineHealth & beauty [relaxation]011-213-5475
44SM2 olohuoneFashion [Lady's]011-213-5600
45Donguri RepublicCulture & entertainment [character miscellaneous goods]011-213-5401
46pual ce cinFashion [Lady's]011-213-5440
47gigotFashion [Lady's]011-213-5595
48Doux archivesFashion [Lady's]011-213-5200
49Marche de Bleuet plusFashion [fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5415
50HMS watch storeFashion [clock]011-213-5457

Paseo EAST [B1F] shop inspection

No. Shop name Category Phone number
1PARTS CLUBFashion [beads accessories]011-213-5352
3uigoichisangoFashion [miscellaneous goods]011-213-5367
4PUNYUSFashion [Lady's]011-213-5362
5WEGOFashion [fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5305
6CAYHANEFashion [Lady's men kids, miscellaneous goods]011-213-5338
7MauveFashion [Lady's & men]011-213-5226
8PanamaboyFashion [Lady's, Lady's & men]011-213-5278
9Tom's CaféDining & cafe [cafe]011-213-5762
10MIIAFashion [fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5239
11OZOCFashion [Lady's]011-213-5201
12CrispFashion [Lady's]011-213-5275
13セシルマクビーFashion [Lady's]011-213-5310
14HeatherFashion [Lady's]011-213-5249
15SpRay PREMIUMFashion [Lady's]011-213-5246
16TiaracaraFashion [shoes]011-213-5205
17g by GORGEFashion [Lady's]011-213-5366
18w closetFashion [Lady's]011-213-5344
19PARK by one wayFashion [Lady's]011-213-5228
20innocenceFashion [accessories]011-213-5388
21Ank RougeFashion [Lady's]011-213-5235
22claire'sFashion [accessories, miscellaneous goods]011-213-5236
23manki monki L.A. STUDIOFashion [Lady's]011-213-5553
24KiitosCulture & entertainment [variety miscellaneous goods]011-213-5337
25kastaneFashion [Lady's]011-213-5263
26MEDISTOREFashion [accessories fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5287
27Ober TasheFashion [bag]011-213-5224
28OLIVE des OLIVEFashion [Lady's]011-213-5333
29RETRO GIRLFashion [Lady's]011-213-5270
30emsexciteFashion [Lady's]011-213-5271
31pichetFashion [Lady's]011-213-5334
32aimerfeelFashion [lingerie]011-213-5705
33LatticeFashion [accessories]011-213-5665
34MELANGEFashion [Lady's]011-213-5220
35sucre & vogueFashion [Lady's]011-213-5216
36who's who ChicoFashion [Lady's]011-213-5248
37mikoa LOWRYS FARMFashion [fashion miscellaneous goods]011-213-5218
38PAGEBOYFashion [Lady's]011-213-5221
39archivesFashion [Lady's]011-213-5104
40MAJESTIC LEGONFashion [Lady's]011-213-5240
41Ray CassinFashion [Lady's]011-213-5175
42one after another NICE CLAUPFashion [Lady's]011-213-5383
43Rilakkuma storeCulture & entertainment [character miscellaneous goods]011-213-5755
44The sun eye resortFashion [swimsuit]011-213-5816
45northerlyFashion [lingerie]011-213-5768
46cepo!Fashion [Lady's]011-213-5273
47tutuanna Love PocketFashion [lingerie socks]011-213-5611
48Crayon Shinchan official shop action department store Sapporo shopCulture & entertainment [character miscellaneous goods]011-213-5878
49CouCouFashion [life miscellaneous goods & accessories]011-213-5274
50GYOKKODO/PIACulture & entertainment [CD, DVD, ticket]011-213-5888

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